BS sealing device VA 3

This robust manual sealer made of stainless steel is ideally suited for
large trays with a format of up to ½GN. A trouble-free exchange of tools
facilitates the sealing of diverse trays up to a charge capacity of 4 kg. Ideally
suited for packaging asparagus. Your product is sealed in a controlled
atmosphere with a micro-perforated foil.

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General information

Sealing plate: 265 x 335 mm
Max. depth of tray: 150 mm
Ext. dimensions: 800 x 370 mm
Floor space: 630 x 320 mm
Weight: 24 kg
Connection: 230 V, 50 Hz, 1000 W
Temperature: infinitely variable

Our large sealing device equipped with roll mounting and cutting device processes trays up to a maximum size of 265 x 335 mm and roller width of 265 mm. Suitable for BS-ISO trays and CPET, HDPE trays as well as PP trays.

Video description of the VA 3

This video gives you an overview of the usage options and functional scope of the VA 3. If you have further questions on this or other products, please contact us.

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