Automatic thermo-sealing machine BS-52

Our automatic tray sealing machine type BS 52 allows reliable and safe
packaging results and a high productivity at the same time. The working
rhythm of maximum 12 cycles per minute guarantees a big output. The
control equipped with an intuitive touch screen is easy to operate and allows
a big variety of settings.

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General information

Max. seal: 400 x 285 mm
Max. height of tray: 100 mm
Working cycle: 10-12 pro Minute
Ext. dimensions: 2,50 x 0,99 x 1,66
Chamber depth: 100 mm
Weight: 410 kg
Connection: 3 x 230/ 400V, 50Hz
Power: 1,7 kW

Maximum sealing area
with outline cutting.

Product features


  • Sealing tools in single, double and triple versions
  • Easy and fast change of sealing tools
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304 and Peraluman aluminium
  • Protection degree IP55


  • Pre-printed foil is automatically recognized and correctly positioned.
  • Tray presence check on loading plane with automatic start of the sealing process
  • Seal foil spool hygienically protected during loading and passage
  • Automatic feeding and rest foil collector device


Automatic output queuing system at the exit of machine


For working with the machine compressed air is needed. These minimum features of the compressed air generator have to be fulfilled: Incoming pressure: 5 bar · Generation capacity: 320 litres per minute · Storage air tank: 200 litres · Compressed air consumption at 5 bar: approx. 21 litres per cycle


  • Machine operated by Siemens touch screen panel and PLC
  • Automatic temperature regulation of the sealing plate
  • Different programs and tray depths to choose from

Sealing plate

BS-52 Rectangular trays Circular trays
Single use 400 x 285 x 100 280 ø x 100
Double use 280 x 190 x 100 190 ø x 100
Triple use 280 x 130 x 100 130 ø x 100
    Max. seal: 400 x 285 mm
Max. height of the tray: 100 mm

Max. width of the foil: 520 mm
Max. diameter of the foil: 220 ø mm

Cycle: 10-12 per minute
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