Semi-automatic sealing device BS 5 ECO

The entry into professional tray sealing. Precise outline cutting guarantees attractive sealing results. Easy to change sealing frames offer maximum flexibility.

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General information

Max. foil width 420 mm
Max. tray height 115 mm
Working cycle 5 to 10 per minute*
Foil collection manual
External dimensions 580 x 855 x 570 mm**
Weight 58 kg
Compressed air connection 6 bar
Electric connection 1 phase, 230 V, 50 hz***
Power 1,25 kW
Sealing area with outline cutting Sealing area without outline cutting

Video description of the BS 5 ECO

This video gives you an overview of the usage options and functional scope of the BS 5 ECO. Subscribe to our Youtube channel. You will find all current Boss videos here.

Sealing plates and maximum tray sizes

Maximum height of the tray: 115 mm. Frames/ uses can not be confirmed before having checked a sample of the trays. Different uses are available upon request.

Tray overview        
Sealing plates
single use
double use
triple use
fourfold use
Max. with outline cutting
380 x 275
175 x 275
112 x 275
80 x 275
Max. without outline cutting
400 x 280
195 x 280
127 x 280
95 x 280
double use
fourfold use
sixfold use
eightfold use
Max. with outline cutting
380 x 130iv>
175 x 130
112 x 130
Max. without outline cutting
400 x 140
195 x 140
127 x 140
95 x 140
double use
triple use
sixfold use
Max. with outline cutting
ø 275
ø 175
ø 112
ø 90
Max. without outline cutting
ø 280
ø 200
ø 127
ø 125
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