Gastronorm trays

Gastronorm trays find versatile utilization in the food industry.
They are suitable for sterilization, pasteurization and heating in microwaves
and hot air ovens. 
The coated material makes an optimum and sure sealing
possible. Their conventional dimensions and forms facilitate a functional
stacking and storage.

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Black trays

Item no. Format Packing unit
E325265040S 325 x 265 x 40 mm 200 Stk.
E325265050S 325 x 265 x 50 mm 200 Stk.
E325265060S 325 x 265 x 60 mm 192 Stk.
E325265080S 325 x 265 x 80 mm 192 Stk.
E325265100S 325 x 265 x 100 mm 176 Stk.

Sealing foil as roll

Item no. Running meter Size Packing unit
P-265-2 250 m 265 mm 1 roll
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